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    Tama 38?

    In Israel, we have all heard the term "Tama 38" once or several times. From the mouth of the real estate agent, or the simple neighbor, this term commonly used seems sometimes ... blurring.
    When the country was built, with the rapid increase in population in a short time, the real estate industry had to follow or even anticipate the construction of housing to meet the strong demand. As a result, many buildings were built long before the security standards act was passed at the end of the 1970's.
    In response to seismic risks, the country has implemented the Tama 38 program to meet security needs by strengthening building foundations. Thus, each building dating back to before 1970 is eligible for the Tama 38 program.

    Tama 38.1 or Tama 38.2?
    Yes, there are indeed two types of programs Tama 38.
    One is to strengthen the foundations of the building, renovate the common areas, add an elevator if necessary, and additional floors.
    The bonus for the owners? To be added a mamad (room also serving as vault) as well as a balcony in their own apartments, in addition to benefiting from the renovation and beautification of the building.
    The second program, also called "Pinouy Binouy", includes the destruction of the building and the reconstruction of another, new, instead. This prevails when the conditions for a Tama 38.1 can not be met, either because of an impossibility to strengthen the foundations, or because of a more interesting profitability.
    Homeowners will see their property gain in value, offsetting the time of renovations. Also, they will be relocated to the expenses of the promoter in charge of the program, and this until a certain amount (to be defined with him according to the value of the property).
    A majority of owners must approve this decision, and together with the developer, a builder is chosen to be in charge of the project.

    Be careful to guard against a lawyer to check all procedures.

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